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    So a new year has begun and I felt like it was time to get back to work. But first I have to find an offline editing tool that I like so that I can make my posts easier and whenever or wherever I am without being online all the time. So here I am starting with Windows Live Writer 2012 from Microsoft’s Live Essentials suite of tools. This post is the first one that I am testing out to see how it functions and if it will be adequate for my needs for a majority of my blogs.

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    YAY!!! This is website is once again operational and ready for content once again! WOOT!

    Once again, for those who don’t know, this website is dedicated to things that I, Mirkka Putnam, find of personal, recreational or business interest or consideration.

    Type of Things You May See

    Opinions… mhmm… of those I have a few… for example, my responses to newspaper articles that I find to be baffling or ludacris in some way… Or, information that is kewl to share…

    Many topics which may be covered: books, movies, tv shows, toys (non-adult in nature I assure you, sorry! 😛 LOL), future plans, wish lists and so much more!

    So, I hope you will find something of interest within these pages as time goes on… If not … …. sorry, can’t please everyone!

    Please check back often! Best ways to stay in touch are RSS or by following me on of the various link under the Find Me On at the right…

    Happy reading or viewing!!!!



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